"Clare has really made a difference to my health. I was always bloated and tired, and would get painful periods. I didn't realise how much of an affect my diet was having on my health. My new 'diet' is not difficult or boring, it's all about tasty, convenient food, and it works! I would happily recommend Clare to anyone else who has health issues that are affecting their quality of life."

Sales Consultant

"From my sessions with Clare I have learnt so much about my health and how different foods affect me, as well as how I can incorporate healthy eating into my busy schedule. Everything is just much easier and more positive now, and the great news is that since being on my new plan I have now got so much more energy and have lost over a stone in weight!"

Restaurant Manager

"I always thought I understood the basics of healthy eating but my sessions with Clare really opened my eyes to how even quite small changes can make a real difference - especially to my energy levels. Having someone with the right knowledge to tackle specific issues is invaluable."

Communications and Marketing Consultant