About Clare

I have always been fascinated by the power of food and how it affects our health on all levels. I committed to learning about holistic health when my own health issues seemed irresolvable. I studied a Diploma in Holistic Nutritional Practice.
It was through learning about the nutritional healing philosophy and incorporating it into my life, along with other personal development skills, that I started to feel happier, healthier and stronger.

As well as working in the field of nutrition, I also love running and am often found relaxing in the steam room or sauna! I believe in living a balanced life and try to have a relaxed and fun lifestyle, which also includes socialising with friends and family, eating out at restaurants, going to new places, shopping, watching films, reading... all the normal things!

Since qualifying as a nutritional therapist, I've been working with people in group and 121 settings to help empower others to create better health for themselves.